NTRO’s sunny bunny losing out to sexy siddhi in R&AW sex queen employee battle

It now appears that goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar is winning the battle against Ntro’s sunny bunny, slim obc bhandari sunaina in the battle of sex specialist R&AW employees. Online news about NTRO’ sunny bunny sex specialist sunaina sleeping has been posted on a number of websites. Some of the factors which resulted in sexy siddhi winning the R&AW sex queen title are:
– sexy siddhi is a GSB, who are traditionally richer and more well connected than the obc sunaina
– GSB fraud sexy siddhi has a big gang of relatives, boyfriends who are fighting her battles, masterminding her frauds, lies, while she does little, sunaina has less family support
– goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar has a better, more rounded figure compared to the skeletal sunaina, indian men prefer women with sexy figures like siddhi as mistresses
– goan gsb fraud siddhi has less morals and is more ruthless compared to sunny bunny
– goan gsb fraud siddhi and her family has a personal hatred against the obc community in goa because a close relative of hers died in an “accident” allegedly caused by obc .

It appears that the cunning gsb officials used sunny bunny initially to divide the obc community, so that the obc victim would not get any help. Now mission accomplished, they are exposing sunny bunny so that only the goan gsb frauds enjoy the advantages.

Now it appears that lazy greedy SHAMELESS SECTION 420 CHEATER google, tata sponsored goan gsb frauds housewife extortionist cbi employee riddhi nayak and R&AW sex queen gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, their lovers, associates, relatives will dupe the rest of india that they are paypal account holders and domain investors, when they are actually indian’s most FAMOUS ONLINE BRAHMIN FRAUDS

NTRO’s Sunny bunny becomes world famous

Instead of emulating NSA in digital data security, NTRO in India is trying to emulate Hugh Hefner, the american publisher of Playboy who was world famous for his beautiful scantily clad girlfriends who lived in his Playboy mansion, known as the playboy bunnies. The playboy ntro officials are also collecting their own set of beautiful girlfriends, who will soon be known worldwide as ntro bunnies.
Just as Hugh Hefner used his great wealth to attract beautiful women, the ntro officials are using their great powers as employees of India’s premier technical intelligence agency to attract a long list of glamorous and goodlooking girlfriends, who they are able to get lucrative R&AW/CBI/government jobs with fake resumes, investment.

For nearly 4 years, the powerful ntro officials led by j srinivasan were telling the whole world that slim jeans clad sunaina was working online, when she was actually enjoying herself, relaxing or sleeping. The real domain investor, paypal account holder, being ruthlessly exploited can do nothing other than complain online and offline about the fraud. Now finally the story of goan obc bhandari sex bribe queen sunaina, the mistress of top ntro and other officials has become world famous.

On a website, a member (probably associated with nsa) was commenting on sunny(sunaina) bunny , that she sleeps, indicating that finally NTRO’s best kept secret has been exposed. If you know of any other ntro bunny like sunny bunny, kindly share details

Goan GSB fraud R&AW employee siddhi and her boyfriend Aniket are notorious liars in goa

The google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud diploma holder R&AW employee siddhi gadkar and her long time boyfriend aniket mandrekar are becoming goa’s most notorious online fraud couple,making fake claims that they are working online to get a monthly R&AW salary.
Though the shameless goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi and her boyfriend aniket do no work online, with the help of her powerful fraud relatives and friends like puneet, nayak, mandrekar, the shameless section 420 cheater google sponsored GOAN GSB FRAUD siddhi falsely claims to own the domain names, paypal account of the obc single engineer, to get a monthly salary from R&AW as reward for corporate espionage, cheating and lies.
Being born chronic liars and cheaters,shameless siddhi and her associates have no morals or humanity at all. However increasingly intelligence agency officials are monitoring the real paypal account holder and when the domain investor is not is goa or doing offline work it becomes obvious that the conwoman R&AW employee siddhi and her boyfriend aniket are making fake claims about working online.
So when the obc engineer cheated and impersonated by the google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi went to ICAR, Old goa , not much work was done online. The intelligence agency officials realizing the lies of R&AW employee siddhi and her friend aniket, entered the name of aniket sawant as one of the persons attending the course. When the course coordinator tried to collect the fees, she could collect the money from everyone, only aniket sawant was missing. The aniket sawant had not entered his phone number or other details also.
So was aniket sawant a real person or an associate of aniket mandrekar?

Changes in R&AW culture and values

The decision of the RBI governor Raghuram Rajan to resign and return to his teaching job reflects the changes in the R&AW culture, values over the last few decades. Raghuram Rajan was the son of a senior R&AW official, Govindrajan who would have become the R&AW chief if the Bofors controversy had not broken out. Now at the slightest sign of controversy, Raghuram Rajan preferred to return to his teaching job indicating the values, honesty of Indians born 40-60 years ago.

In contrast in 2016,the shameless lazy greedy google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW goan sex specialist employees goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi,obc bhandari slut slim sunaina, cheater housewives bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater bbm nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika, naina, cbi employee riddhi nayak continue to stick like greedy leeches to their R&AW/CBI jobs with fake resumes, investment faking a btech 1993 EE degree from a top engineering college, work experience of twenty years

Though the news of the sex, cheating for R&AW, CBI jobs has become world famous, the indian government, their fraud R&AW/CBI and other employees and associates are extremely shameless and do not care as long as they get a monthly salary and are able to run their impersonation/extortion racket with fake resumes. Additionally the fraud R&AW employees like siddhi mandrekar are wasting tax payer money circulating photos, videos of the harmless engineer, these fraud raw/cbi employees are impersonating to get a monthly salary.

The shameless powerful fraud friends, relatives and associates in R&AW, NTRo, CBI of bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife R&AW employee bbm nayanshree hathwar are quick to protest loudly and censure twitter if any news of the fraud brahmin R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar is posted online, they refuse to acknowledge that the brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar is faking her engineering degree, investment, skills, and the person nayanshree is impersonating has the right to warn people that R&AW employee is a well connected fraud who is faking her resume.

If the indian government officials, R&AW, NTRo, cbi did not want negative reports on their fraud employees like nayanshree to be published online, they should have been honest about the resume, investment of their employees . If the R&AW/CBI/government employees falsely claim to have the resume, investment of another indian citizen, the indian citizen who is being impersonated will protest and warn others about the fraud.

Raghuram Rajan was a gold medalist at IIT Delhi, and meritorious individuals like him, have no shortage of options. On the hand the current R&AW employees like siddhi sunaina, nayanshree hathwar have nothing to offer, other than sex, slander and torture, so they refuse to give up the lucrative jobs they have got with fake resumes, manipulating the system. Earlier R&AW was known as professionally run organization consisting mainly of brahmins, it would be interesting to know how goan sex specialist R&AW employees siddhi sunaina influence the image of the organization in a few years time.

Mindgames of indian intelligence and security agencies

Harmless individuals being targetted by indian intelligence and security agencies should be aware of how tricky and influential they are. For example they closely observe which items are being purchased by their targetted person, who they want to frame for money laundering. These officials want to prove that the person is not spending any of the small amount of cash withdrawn from the bank for daily expenses. Then they ensure that the local store does not stock the item at all.
For example the domain investor will regularly purchase detergent for washing clothes, basmati rice for eating, 1 kg pack, lemon juice for drinking and tomato ketchup. For many weeks now the lemon juice is not in stock despite making multiple reminders . On the last visit, it was also observed that basmati rice, detergent for washing clothes was not available.
In another store, the domain investor would purchase tiger glucose biscuits regularly costing Rs 4 each in bulk. During the last visit not a single biscuit pack was available. It appears that a local intelligence or security agency official is closely observing which items are being purchased and ensuring that they are not available, so that the domain investor cannot spend any money in the area.
It is a clear case of how surveillance is not for national security, only to harass a harmless indian citizen to cover up the google, tata sponsored sex,cheating for R&AW/CBI/government job fraud.

NTRO official, R&AW employee sunaina’s lover threatening revenge

It appears that the 6 year old Ntro human cloning experiment of India’s largest female domain investor is going to end in a spectacular fashion, with the powerful lover of goan obc bhandari sex specialist R&AW employee sunaina allegedly threatening revenge on Forumcoin .

suny ยป 12 Jun 2016, 06:39

@niche you reminded me of what is going on in Goa by redirecting me to useful information India’s great internet scam, and more than that you motivated me to take me action against a site that I was trying to neglect. Thanks for reminding me of my rights. I will sure see what I can do to shut that site down and without any further delay because that person in particular has not cheated me just once but thrice. Now, I plan to give him back what he took from me for his personal grudge.

It would be interesting to know who the “person in particular” referred to by suny was , what he cheated suny of . Now the ntro officials are quite openly threatening vengeance on a number of forums,

Google, tata sponsored shameless fraud Brahmin women do not answer JEE, fake Btech degrees, get R&AW/CBI jobs

In an indication of the high levels of casteism in google, tata, indian intelligence agencies, shameless fraud BRAHMIN CHEATER WOMEN do not answer jee , yet falsely claim to have btech 1993 EE degrees to get lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs stealing the resume of brilliant obc single women engineers.
Though google ceo sundar pichai and his wife anjali have a btech 1993 degree from IIT kharagpur, google and tata in India are allegedly involved in a major educational fraud bribing senior ntro and other intelligence, security agency officials to falsely claim that 8-10 google, tata sponsored frauds have the btech 1993 EE degree, resume,investment of their btech 1993 EE classmate, a harmless single woman engineer, who these fraud indian government employees hate, to get all these fraud women lucrative R&AW/CBI/government jobs with fake resumes, investment.
The experienced single woman engineer who actually answered JEE and got a btech 1993 EE degree, india’s largest female domain investor is not getting anything, and is being criminally stalked and tortured with radiation weapons causing very great pain, especially in panaji, goa by the cruel criminal indian government employees on the payroll of google and tata.

The lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud 2012 diploma holder R&AW employee sex specialist siddhi mandrekar was too mediocre to answer JEE and get admission to a degree college, committed corporate espionage and has sex with shameless fraud brahmin officials, who dupe companies worldwide that their goan SEX partner was their btech 1993 EE classmate
Similarly the lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar were too mediocre, lazy to answer JEE or get an engineering degree, seduce powerful fraud brahmin officials like puneet, vijay to steal the resume, btech 1993 EE degree of their classmate to get the BRAHMIN FRAUDS lucrative R&AW/cbi jobs.

Now to cover their CHEATING, SEX FOR BTECH 1993 ee degree fraud, the cruel criminal associates, relatives of these cheater brahmin women hathwar, kodancha, nayak, mandrekar, caro are ruthless in stalking and torturing with microwave weapons the harmless single woman obc engineer being impersonated by the google, tata sponsored FRAUD BRAHMIN EMPLOYEEES.

Top indian government officials falsely claim goan gsb fraud diploma holder R&AW employee siddhi,their sex partner was their btech 1993 classmate

In one of the greatest impersonation frauds in history, shameless fraud top indian government officials led by the section 420 fraud brahmin puneet are duping a large companies worldwide that the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud diploma holder and SEX PARTNER siddhi mandrekar, half their age, was their btech 1993 EE classmate to get her a lucrative R&AW job, great powers.
These cunning fraud government officials hate their real btech 1993 EE classmate, a harmless obc single woman engineer, want to destroy her life, steal all her hard earned money, and are rewarding all people who will cheat their classmate, with lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs, falsely claiming that the cheater has the resume, investment of their classmate
The goan gsb fraud diploma holder R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar is one of the many frauds who cheated the harmless obc engineer, committing corporate espionage, and as reward for the fraud, the crooked brahmin official, puneet, director of a bengaluru company, duped people that the goan gsb siddhi, fraud specialist was his classmate.
The cunning fraud government official puneet did not have the honesty or decency to get his fraud friend siddhi mandrekar, a R&AW job with her own real resume, a mediocre inexperienced fraud diploma holder who committed corporate espionage. Now to cover up the great impersonation, cheating, sex fraud, the harmless single woman engineer is being stalked and tortured by her cruel criminal classmates using microwave weapons causing great pain daily for the last 6 years.

These criminal indian government officials are also encouraging their goan gsb fraud sex partner siddhi mandrekar to waste indian tax payer money to make and circulate defamatory videos, photos of their harmless btech 1993 EE classmate to justify their criminal activities, torture and impersonation fraud.

CBI, NTRO has a negative attitude towards people working online

Indian intelligence agencies especially NTRO, CBI have an extremely negative attitude towards people who are working online, treating them worse than animals.Most of the indian population does not have a email id or internet access, yet the cbi, ntro officials take a sadistic pleasure in defaming, cheating, exploiting, torturing a person who is making money online, especially receiving funds through paypal.
CBI, NTRO officials waste tax payer money in making up fake stories to ruin the reputation of domain investors and website owners, falsely claiming that any uneducated person could do so. It is not easy to start a website, get a large number of visitors, most indian women do not even know how to operate a computer or connect to the internet.

When will ntro, cbi change its negative attitude towards female domain investors in India, stop slandering them wasting tax payer money. Candr

Corporates get government jobs for relatives, friends of officials filing fake cases

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of fake terror cases against harmless indian citizen as large corporates and others have found that it is an easy way to acquire talent and technology cheaply, destroy the health, finances, reputation of a small business owner, professional or anyone they dislike. In more than 70% of the cases, there is no legally valid proof available, yet an innocent harmless person finds his or her life destroyed because some powerful government employee made fake allegations without proof .

The officials making these allegations cannot be identified or health accountable and it has become an extremely lucrative racket for the officials who are having great powers, as they abuse their powers to get lucrative R&AW/CBI/government jobs for their mediocre inexperienced lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends with fake resumes, investment. These officials do not have the courage or honesty to face the person they are falsely accusing, yet you continue to run amok with their slander and human rights abuses.

Shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc bhandari fraud sunaina , asmita patel, veena, ruchika, naina and other women are some of the google, tata sponsored frauds who have got government job because their cunning fraud relatives and friends in intelligence and security agencies are ruthlessly in making up completely fake malicious stories without proof, about the domain investor, repeating these stories like parrots for years, and torturing the domain investor

Till the public is told the name and designation of the government official who is making fake allegations, on what basis he made the allegations, the racket is likely to continue. The case of muslims has been highlighted because their leaders are complaining in the United States. However Hindus especially OBC who have worked hard to save some money for their old age are also being defamed as naxalites without any proof, tortured and there is no one to help these harmless obc indian citizens who are falsely accused without proof, tortured, cheated, exploited for the rest of their lives.