Government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD of some indian paypal account holders is a well planned racket, not a series of mistakes

The EXTREMELY Ccunning cruel government employees who have masterminded the Government SLAVERY of some indian paypal account holders, domain investors since 2010 which was featured in the 2016 reddit post on try to falsely claim that it was a series of mistakes which cannot be reversed
They are always leaving bluedart notifications with sorry to have missed you on the floor
In reality if it was a genuine mistake, they could have rectified the mistake, so that the exporter would at least get some recognition, live a life of dignity.
Instead for the last 6 years the government has refused to rectify its incorrect records makes FAKE CLAIMS of domain ownership, online income, wastes taxpayer money paying salaries to fraudsters, continues with its government SLAVERY,financial fraud on citizens
the 2016 reddit post also confirms that the criminal defamation, slander of the domain investor is intentional so that she can be cheated, exploited, robbed for the rest of her life, and no one will help her and she will have to work long hours for very less money, because the government falsely claims that this and other domains belong to extremely cunning cruel government employees from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay, when they have never paid any money for domains at all, only FALSELY CLAIM to own the domains of their female classmate who they HATE