Powerful government employees force citizens to shift homes repeatedly

Earlier citizens could stay in one home for decades, without any problem.,the endless persecution of a very powerful person, a government employee who the engineer has never interacted with, has forced the engineer to consider purchasing 1-3 low cost houses, if the problem in one house, is very severe, she will shift to the other house. Harassing a person takes a lot of time and effort, it is time the powerful person leaves her alone, especially since he does not want to contact her. The engineer has changed homes four times in the last ten years, because of the harassment of the powerful person, leaving behind almost everything, the powerful person should do the same, stop monitoring her, there are many goodlookingsugar babies who will do everything to keep him happy .
wasting six months, one year is ok, now it is eleven years, no one is going to contact the engineer, they should leave her alone.