Goa has the worst administration in India – Elvis Gomes

The google, tata sponsored lazy greedy goan gsb fraud diploma holder R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar relocated from mumbai to goa because goa has the worst administration in India, where corruption, nepotism is rampant and having relatives is most important, merit, qualification can be easily faked. This was confirmed by Elvis Gomes, who recently resigned from the goa administrative service after he was superseded as he was denied a fair deal in his interview in the newspaper and said that the Goa has the worst administrative set up in India .

Only in goa the shameless fraud intelligence and security agency officials will falsely claim that their relatives, google, tata sponsored SEX WORKER RAW employees goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, slim goan obc bhandari sex expert sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc who has sex with top officials, goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee riddhi nayak , who never answered JEE or worked as engineers, are experienced engineers and online experts. In most other states, the intelligence and security agencies will have the honesty to acknowledge the business owner and not falsely claim SEX WORKERS, CHEATER HOUSEWIVES, their relatives own the business, without doing any work or spending any money or taking any risk

Most young people move from goa to mumbai because there are more opportunities, however the shameless lazy greedy goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar and her family of frauds like nayak, mandrekar, were aware of the fact that in Mumbai young people are expected to do at least some work and the goan gsb fraud siddhi is one of the greatest liars and cheaters in India who does not want to do any work, only lie and take credit to get powers . Only in goa with the help of the shameless powerful fraud goan gsb mafia of nayak, mandrekar, caro, obc bhandari fraud pritesh, who are like animals, without any humanity, ruthlessly slandering innocent harmless citizens without any proof, did the google, tata sponsored goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, sex expert sunaina chodnekar who did no work online at all, get so many powers for offering SEX BRIBES, CHEATING AND LIES

Only when honesty, hard work is appreciated in goa and when the government stop treating lazy greedy mediocre SEX WORKERS, cheater housewives and other frauds with fake resumes, fake investment as VVIPs will the state progress,

India most pampered SEX worker -goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar

The indian government is directly encouraging indian women to become sex workers, looking at the way the google, tata sponsored lazy greedy mediocre goan obc bhandari sex expert R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar is being promoted by senior government officials in indian intelligence and security agencies as an online expert and experienced engineer .
Senior indian government officials in ntro, cbi like j srinivasan are falsely claiming that the goan sex expert R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc, who has them SEX with them, who did not answer JEE, has a btech 1993 EE degree, investment of a obc single woman engineer to give her a lucrative R&AW job, great powers and monthly salary. So in India in 2016, having sex with dt
Though the google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari sex expert R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar and her associates have never done any work online, invested money online and offline, top ntro officials allegedly bribed by google, tata are falsely claiming that the goan sex worker and her associates are doing work online, to justify the great powers and monthly salary she is getting for more than 4 year now
If it was not the official policy of the indian government to pamper and reward sex workers sleeping with top officials, no government employee would make falsely claims about the online, investment of that the lazy slim goan obc bhandari sex expert R&AW employee sunaina and her associates, ruining the reputation of india in the process.
When will NTRO led by j srinivasan stop falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX expert sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc who has sex with them , was their btech 1993 EE classmate, has the resume, investment, paypal account of their btech 1993 EE classmate , to get the goan sex worker a monthly salary, great powers.
Why does the real domain investor not get the privileges, why is the goan sex expert R&AW employee sunaina given great powers, allowed to stalk, torture the domain investor.
There are other 8-10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees who are also stalking, impersonating the domain investor, obc single woman engineer like sunaina

Mobile towers as a source of income

Many of the future cellphones available will include wifi for connecting to the internet. However to get connected to the internet using cellphones good signal strength and infrastructure will be required, more mobile towers will have to be built. Good infrastructure, roads, amenities, low crime rates, a reasonably fair legal system, are the pillars of prosperity in any nation for centuries
Many mobile companies are offering a good rent to property owners who will allow a mobile tower to be installed in their property or land. However a long term contract will have to be signed and radiation may create health problems

R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees lack humanity, are like animals

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The cruel animal like ntro officials are ruthless in stalking and torturing a harmless domain investor, defaming her as an animal. In reality google, tata , ntro offic ials, their girlfriends, sex partners are the real animals who should be monitored closely
Look at India’s top R&AW SEX WORKER slim goan obc bhandari sex expert sunaina chodnekar, who has never done any work or invested any money online, yet the shameless fraud ntro, google, tata officials having SEX with her, are shamelessly and falsely claiming that the goan sex expert sunaina and her microchipped associates like the slim housewife on the upper ground floor are doing work online to give the goan SEX EXPERT a raw salary
GOOGLE TATA SPONSORED GOAN OBC BHANDARI SEX WORKER RAW EMPLOYEE sunaina chodnekar knows that she and her associates are not doing any work online, yet being a shameless and ruthless fraud with no humanity, she and her fraud associates have been falsely claiming that she is doing work online to get a monthly salary
If the sex worker raw employee obc sunaina had any humanity or kindness , she would have the honesty to admit that she and her associates are not doing any work online, so that the person actually working online would get credit and the privileges she deserved . However the google, tata sponsored SEX ANIMAL RAW EMPLOYEE sunaina is extremely greedy fraud with no morals, so she and her associates are making completely fake claims of working online for the last 5 years

Can the the sex worker promoting google, tata, ntro officials explain in an open debate how making completely fake claims about doing work online for more than 4 years to deny the real online worker, the opportunities, money he or she deserved, make a person very honest, and a role model of humanity.
Similarly goan gsb fraud diploma holder R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar and others are extremely dishonest, lacking humanity, making completely fake claims that they and their associates are doing work online
Yet, in India in 2016, honest hardworking kind people are labelled as animals by the cruel irrational indian intelligence, security agencies, and shameless ruthless frauds and liars with no humanity and no kindness who are actually animals in human form are considered to be role models, given government jobs with great powers, fake resumes, fake investment and monthly salary

Cruel fraud animal like officials prove Winston churchill cruelty prediction true

the british statesman winston churchill said that india should not be given independence because british rule would be replaced by cruel animal like hypocrite fraud brahmin officials who claim to be very honest and humane in front of westerners yet are extremely cruel towards their fellow indians , treating them worse than animals.
Nearly 70 years after India attained independence from the british, the cruel animal like ntro, tata, google, security agency officials, the brahmin puppet goan obc bhandari SEX WORKER RAW employeee sunaina chodnekar who has SEX with these brahmin officials, especially in panaji, goa are proving that winston churchill was very correct in predicting their cruelty , lack of humanity and hypocrisy of brahmin officials and their associates.

In panaji, goa a harmless domain investor cannot even work on the computer due to pain , because a cruel criminal cowardly indian government employee from ntro is stalking and torturing her intentionally to cause great pain using microwave weapons, proving that winston churchill was right in claiming that brahmins are extremely cruel hypocrites and frauds. Why is the official intentionally causing great pain daily to a harmless woman who has not interfered or harmed him in any way

When will the ntro officials like j srinivasan, puneet, vijay and others be honest about their hatred for their btech 1993 EE classmate and admit that their real girlfriends are lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced frauds, instead of falsely claiming that they know their classmate well, to exploit her to the extent possible, steal her resume.

Only in India domain investors labeled a security threat

Allegedly bribed by google, tata, shameless corrupt fraud liar security, intelligence agency officials are labelling large domain investors as a security threat without any proof at all. just because they are registering or renewing their domain to subject them to human rights abuses for more than 6 years. The human rights abuses include memory reading, voice to skull technology and impersonation frauds
There are many domain investors worldwide who register more than 10 domain names daily and the security and intelligence agency officials in those countries do not harass or torture the domain investors, wasting tax payer money . For example a major expired domain investor is GMO DigiRock, Inc from Japan who registers domain names daily

Registrant ID
Registrant Name
Kenji Hiraiwa
Registrant Organization
GMO DigiRock, Inc.
Registrant Street
3-1 Ofuka-cho
Registrant Street
Grand Front Osaka Tower B 23F
Registrant City
Kita-ku Osaka-shi
Registrant State/Province
Registrant Postal Code
Registrant Country
Registrant Phone
Registrant Phone Ext
Registrant Fax

Registrant Email

In India the security and intelligence agency officials who label the domain investor as a security threat do not have the honesty or courage to face the domain investor or defend their allegations openly, instead falsely claim that google, tata sponsored SEX workers and other fraud indian intelligence employees like slim goan obc bhandari SEX expert sunaina chodnekar, goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, gujju fraudster asmita patel, who do not spend any money online, own the domain names to pay these frauds a monthly salary.

Domain fraudster R&AW employees asmita patel, nayanshree hathwar, sex worker sunaina chodnekar and others launch criminal attack on domain investor

In a clear indication of the corruption, nepotism and human rights abuses in India in 2016, domain fraudsters like gujju flirt asmita patel, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, slim goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodnekar who has SEX with top officials, goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi and others, who are openly faking their btech 1993 EE degree, resume, domain and other investments are considered to be VVIps and given great powers, R&AW jobs with monthly salary and allowed to waste indian tax payer money to stalk and torture the harmless obc engineer who actually has a btech 1993 EE degree and owns domain names daily.
The latest criminal attack of these google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees and their associates on the harmless domain investor using microwave radiation weapons took place at about 14.10 hours on 21 September 2016
As the domain investor was near the Fire Brigade, at St Inez, Panaji, these criminal ntro officials gave a missed call on her mobile number to track the exact location of the domain investor. The phone call was from NTRO/R&AW officials because the mobile phone was ringing and yet the phone log was not showing any number.. They then greatly increased the radiation levels associated with the mobile phone to cause a very severe headache, causing great pain. It was rainly heavily, so the mobile phone could not be easily switched off .
It was an intentional criminal attack of cruel powerful selfish animal like ntro, government officials on a harmless indian citizen, causing great pain out of hatred or to please their bosses in google, tata . The criminal ntro official who launched the microwave radiation attack only had the area in campal in his control, and has been attacking the domain investor repeatedly using the mobile number to track her location.
Though the domain investor is a harmless citizen trying to earn a living, allegedly bribed by google, tata he has been bribed to criminally attack the domain investor, link seller, google competitor at every opportunity as part of the iit kharagpur gold medalist sundar pichai led google’s plan to destroy competition, murdering them slowly. So the cruel criminal security agency official in campal area has programmed the surveillance system to send a notification to him, whenever the domain investor will enter the area with the mobile phone switched on, so that he can initiate the attack.

The criminal official will then increase the radiation levels greatly to cause microwave burns or headache depending on the orders of his bosses in google, tata, the problem has been noticed repeatedly . The only way to avoid being criminally attacked by the contract killer ntro officials is to keep the mobile phone switched off. Though some people may not be able to contact, the mobile user will also avoid a criminal attack by the cruel animal like contract killer ntro officials in ntro.

The security agency or ntro official is getting a good salary and pension from the indian government, yet he is ruthlessly in misusing expensive ntro equipment FREELANCING FOR GOOGLE, TATA to slowly murder harmless civilians for a certain amount. The indian government should officially publish the rate at which their employees are freelancing as contract killers, murdering harmless indian citizens with microwave weapons

As the indian government refuses to take any action against their employees who are freelancing as contract killers for top corporates, mercilessly torturing harmless indian citizens, every major attack on a harmless domain investor, will be documented in great detail so that people are aware of the great human rights abuses, torture of harmless citizens committed daily giving fake excuses of national security.

Shamlesss government officials steal savings, resume, memory of OBC single woman engineer for goan SEX WORKERS, FRAUDS

The indian envoy to the nations eenam gambhir falsely claims that there are no human rights violations in India, yet for the last 6 years indian government has committed the most terrible human rights abuses on a harmless single woman obc engineer and domain investor without a legally valid reason because large corporates allegedly google, tata have bribed senior government officials to do so.
Can the indian envoy eenam gambhir explain in an open debate why the indian government employees are stealing
– the retirement savings
– resume
– memory, business ideas, correspondence for more than 6 years
of a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor , without a legally valid reason, without her permission and without offering any kind of compensation

Japan has progressed because they rigorously self examine and learn from their mistakes, top indian officials lack the ability to self examine their own behaviour honestly and professionally, are only interested in their personal gain.

Can the indian un envoy eenam gambhir justify in an open debate why indian government officials have stolen the retirement savings of a single woman obc engineer without a court order and falsely claims slim GOAN obc bhandari SEX expert R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc ,who has SEX with top indian government officials, has a btech 1993 EE degree to give her a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the real obc engineer who actually studied for her btech degree

Google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees causing most damage to India’s reputation worldwide

To destroy competition, the iit kharagpur gold medalist sundar pichai led google allegedly bribed indian intelligence and security agencies to abuse their powers and falsely defame without proof, cheat, exploit, torture and harass, a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor using the most unethical tactics at their disposal, steal her retirement savings, resume without a court order or legally valid reason
If these google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence agency employees were honest, they would get powers and a job with their own resume, investment and work instead of relying on the shameless pathological liar google,tata, ntro officials to make fake claims

For example the section 420 fraud google, tata sponsored SHIVALLI BRAHMIN FRAUD BENGALURU HOUSEWIFE RAW EMPLOYEE bbm nayanshree hathwar has not replied to the obc single woman engineer, domain investor she cheated since 2012 , yet the SHAMELESS FRAUD pathological liar NTRO, cbi, raw, google, tata officials are making false claims about the content that the shivalli brahmin CHEATER RAW EMPLOYEE nayanshree, who refused to reply, contributes

An open question to these shameless fraud tata, google, ntro officials, when shivalli BRAHMIN FRAUD housewife nayanshree hathwar like other frauds is relaxing in her house in bengaluru, why is the indian government falsely claiming that the cheater housewife is writing content, and paying her a monthly R&AW salary. when goan sex worker R&AW employees siddhi sunaina are not doing any work at all, why is the indian government falsely claiming that these sex workers are online experts to deny the real domain investor the opportunities and income she deserved.

Every citizen has the right to earn a fair living, and when the LIAR ntro officials are falsley claiming that fraud google,tata sponsored indian intelligence agency employees, lazy liars, are working and investing money online, the reputation of the domain investor is getting adversely affected. To prevent any further damage to her reputation and income, the domain investor is forced to tell the truth online and in the process corrupt indian government officals are getting exposed.

Staying Calm and in Control Helps Me to Get Things Done

Being on my own was tough. When I got a divorce, I thought that I would be able to handle everything with flying colors. But I overestimated what it would be like to get through daily life. I guess everyone does that to some extent. But I was taking things a day at a time to tackle everything that needed to be done. Last week I called someone out to handle roof repair in Brooklyn NY for me, and that went pretty well. We had also had a really bad storm, and I needed to get new fencing and some other things done. I knew that I would make it through everything little by little.

Staying calm was something that my dad taught me. He said that no man can handle a storm if he is busy getting caught up in the storm itself and losing control. Continue reading