R&AW/cbi employees falsely linked with single woman engineer who they hate by government agencies to justify government SLAVERY

Government agencies falsely linking raw/cbi employees with single woman engineer to exploit her, deny her the income and opportunities she deserved in a case of government SLAVERY. the raw/cbi employees all hate the single woman engineer, criminally defame her and are not on talking terms with her .
yet showing the lack of social justice in India, since 2010 the government agencies are falsely linking the single woman engineer with the high status well connected raw/cbi employees to deny her the income and opportunities she deserved based on the lies of top government employees especially her btech 1993 classmates from iit bombay like puneet who also hate her, and have never contacted her.
The government agencies are aware that their well paid employees especially panaji goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro have never contacted the single woman engineer, yet in a major fraud and lies, they are making up fake team stories for the last 14 years , causing great financial losses to the single woman engineer in a case of government SLAVERY
fiu acts quickly to block Binance, other crypto exchanges, yet this massive financial fraud has continued for 14 years, with government agencies failing to explain why a private citizen making losses has to pay all the expenses for the domains which well paid government employees falsely claim to own