I Owe My Life Today to My Parents

I was born in America, and that is where I grew up. I think that I didn’t really spread my wings until I left the country and headed overseas to live. Everything in my life has changed. I recently bought a new Futura Condo here in Singapore. The building is located in a good part of town where many people aspire to live and work. I wake up each day and look out through my balcony window and I can’t believe that I live such an amazing life now. For a long time, I had very little drive and ambition, but that has changed now that I’m here.

Growing up on a farm was really nice. However, my parents had to really push me to go to college. I had no interest in getting out of our small town, but my parents knew that it would be the best thing for me. My parents worked hard, and farm life is not easy for anyone. My mom said she didn’t want me to live my life struggling like she and my dad have, so she felt that graduating from college was really important for me. After I graduated, I ended up going back home to live with them. My parents weren’t very happy about that.

About two years after the day that I graduated, my parents told me that they were selling their property. They planned on getting a small condo and living out their retirement years in peace. This means that I needed to do something with my life. I ended up getting a job with a company as a sales executive, and after about 8 months, they sent me to Singapore to work. I would have never landed this job if it wasn’t for the fact that my parents pushed me to get through school and make something of myself.