Extremely corrupt shameless Goan officials bribed to block payment of google competitor in Goa

The revenues of the google competitor have declined in goa to a very great extent because the section 420 fraud shameless corrupt officials in goa have been bribed to block almost all the payments of the google competitor as google,tata have got R&AW/cbi jobs for the lazy greedy mediocre fraud relatives and friends of these shameless section 420 fraud goan officials like pritesh chodan, goan gsb fraud mafia of mandrekar, caro, nayak and others with fake resumes, stolen from the google competitor
for many months since june 2017, the payment from an ad network of the google competitor was blocked in goa and she was not getting any reply for her support ticket as the section 420 fraud goan officials were intentionally blocking the payment
However when she opened a single support ticket in mumbai in January 2018, the payment was immediately processed, indicating that some powerful fraud official in goa is intentionally blocking all the payment of the google competitor to cause financial losses, as part of the bribery deal with google, tata and other fraud R&Aw/cbi employees like indore document robber veena
Any information about the powerful official in goa who is blocking payment for indian paypal account holders will be greatly appreciated.