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The Weekend Was Really Interesting

My boss just came off of his third divorce and all of them cost him more money than a normal person would see in three lifetimes. At any rate he has emerged with a new philosophy, which involves not giving a crap about what anyone else thinks and doing exactly what he feels like doing. He told me that he was going to die with tens of millions of dollars no matter how hard he tried to blow it, so he was going to have fun on the way down. A place with an outcall escort in Salt Lake City became my assignment, although it was not the ordinary thing. He had a back country fishing trip planned and told me to find one of these girls who was up for trekking through the Utah wilderness and not going stir crazy while he was fishing with me. It seemed like a difficult task when he told me, especially since I had no clue how to hire a girl to do this sort of thing with an old rich guy.

In truth it turned out to be rather easy. I asked them and they told me that they had a girl who loved to hike, but that she would have to be back in class by Monday. I got in touch with her and it turned out that she could miss Monday and Tuesday if we paid her extra. She asked where we were going and seemed really excited, I figured out immediately that she had hiked this trail enough to know her way around it. If you were a college student where she was it was the perfect place for weekend hikes. The boss pretended to be furious after I taught her how to fly fish and she caught more fish than he or I.

I Ran into an Old Friend

This was a normal night when it started out, but when I was going into the store to buy a six pack and some chips I ran into a guy I had not seen for about six months. He was the richest kid I knew in school and I only saw him when both of us were home from college. He was already buzzing and started to talk about Las Vegas Asian girls. I was interested in that and pretty soon we were both waiting in a parking lot. A party bus came by after about fifteen minutes and it was on after that. Apparently some other rich boy was going to marry a rich girl, so they decided to have a blow out bachelor party. As soon as I got on the bus a girl stuck her boobs in my face and asked if I was the groom to be. I smiled and lied as well as I could with everyone else laughing their butts off. Continue reading 

Advertise on a website exposing corruption, nepotism, human rights abuses, crony capitalism in India

Advertise on a regularly updated website exposing corruption, nepotism, human rights abuses, crony capitalism, identity theft in India, especially in the indian internet sector, intelligence and security agencies
How a large number of R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees get great powers, monthly indian government salary with fake resumes, fake investment, fake online work
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In a clear indication of how corrupt and shameless NTRO, CBI, indian government employees are, in 2017, the indian government allegedly falsely claims that as many as 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, cheater housewife, blackmailer mba hr ruchika and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees who do not spend any money online, own this website to pay all these frauds a monthly indian government salary, wasting indian tax payer money. Financial records will expose this google, tata masterminded fraud which started in 2010

Any advertising will help the real domain investor impersonated by as many as 10 google, tata sponsored lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees in one of the greatest online,educational, financial frauds in the world

Advertising Via Flyers Had Amazing Results

I was not sure how to go about getting the word out that I was opening up a second location for my restaurant. Word of mouth advertising is great, but I knew that I wanted more than that. I considered doing a mailing, perhaps by sending out postcards, but then I thought about what I do when I get them in the mail. I have no problem throwing things like that away when I get them, and that’s without looking at them. I finally decided on looking into flyer distribution in Singapore because that is the one thing that I always take notice of.

When I am out and about and I come across a flyer that looks really nice and glossy, I take my time and look at it. I do this mainly because I know that a flyer is apt to have a coupon or discount associated with it, and I figured that others had to have the same mindset. I decided to locate a company that prints and distributes flyers. Continue reading 

My Trees Will Be Professionally Pruned

I have lived in apartments from the time I was a baby until I married my husband. Granted, there were five different ones total, but my dream was always to live in a house. When I got married, my husband and I actually lived in my apartment for about a year, then we bought our own house. I am so glad we waited, because we were able to get exactly what we wanted that way. When I had to look up companies that do tree pruning in Long Island not long after we moved in, I was so excited because I never had trees before!

There were trees at the apartment complexes, but I never had to take care of them. Maintenance always did, so this was actually a huge deal for me. Continue reading 

Working with a Professional Exterminator at My Hotel

Being the owner of a small hotel in New York City, I find myself constantly battling unwanted pests. One of the most difficult pests to eradicate in my opinion would have to be bed bugs. Those little things are always showing up unexpected and uninvited. We have so much traffic in our hotel, that it’s a constant revolving door of guests. That’s why it’s important that I always remember to schedule an appointment with my favorite exterminator who takes care of bed bug control in NYC. By making sure that I have regular, scheduled service, it’s easy for me to keep my hotel bed bug free.

One of the reasons I chose this company is because they have been in business for almost 100 years. That sounds like a really long time, and it means that they have a lot of experience. Continue reading 

Goa government refuses to ask security agency employees why they are falsely labelling the goa 1989 jee topper a security threat

This is posted as a fraud alert so that goa JEE toppers, especially non-goans, do not make the mistake of investing their money in goa since the goa government is extremely ruthless in committing human rights abuses, FINANCIAL FRAUD on the harmless goa 1989 jee topper without any legally valid reason for ten years. the goan security agency employees are poor quality officials who do not value education, hardworking, experience and merit, they want to reserve all jobs for their lazy greedy fraud relatives.

In a clear case that goa is one of the worst governed states in India, the corrupt dishonest Goa government refuses to ask its well paid greedy liar security agency employees why they are falsely labelling the goa 1989 jee topper a security threat
In all other states of india, the jee topper of every year is respected for his or her hard work and intelligence, which helped the person get a good jee rank.

Only in goa, the corrupt fraud LIAR security agency employees in goa, like nayak, caro, mandrekar, goan bhandari pritesh chodankar are falsely claiming that she is a security threat without any legally valid proof, allegedly because they are bribed by google, tata to do so, so that they could commit human rights abuses on her without being questioned. These fraud officials are also making fake black money allegations when they do not have any proof to send any income tax notice despite ten years of surveillance.

why is no one asking goan bhandari pritesh chodankar and others on what basis they are falsely accusing the harmless engineer, that she is a threat to security for the last 8 years in goa, when the domain investor was a harmless private citizen for 21 years in mumbai living alone, why is not allowed the rights which other citizens have like not stealing their memory memory

There are far more security related issues in mumbai, and when she was not considered a security threat in mumbai, the reason why the LIAR SECURITY AGENCIES in goa are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the domain investor, so that their lazy greedy fraud relatives like R&AW/cbi employees call girl siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro, and bribe givers like gujju school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, who do no computer work, can falsely get credit, monthly salary at the expense of the goa 1989 jee topper who is working for 8-10 hours daily

Lack of vision of top officials, leaders involved in work at home fraud has increased effect of lockdown on indian economy

The effect of the covid19 lockdown on indian economy will be greater mainly because of the lack of vision of the top officials and leaders who are openly involved in a major work at home fraud since 2010, allegedly bribed by google, tata. Instead of considering the advantages of working at home, like social distancing, time saved traveling, the intelligence and security agency employees led by j srinivasan were BRIBED to treat citizens like the domain investor, worse than criminals, and were denied their fundamental rights.

Hence unlike other countries like USA, which have a strong work at home culture, india will face greater economic losses due to the lockdown compared to other countries, since it does not have a work at home culture. Most of the indians at home are not doing any productive economic activity and the websites are only carrying news of selfies of celebrities.

The leaders of almost all political parties in India lack the honesty and humanity to question the ntro/raw employees like tushar parekh, parmar, nikhil sha, j srinivasan, vijay, mhow monster puneet, patel and others why they are FALSELY claiming that school dropouts, robber cheater housewives, call girls and other fraud raw/cbi employees like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, naina chandan, slim goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, who are only COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, enjoying themselves, and do no computer work, are working at home, while criminally defaming, torturing, cheating and exploiting the citizen who is actually working at home.

In the USA, after the lockdown, computer sales have increased, since a large number of citizens are planning to work at home since it has a culture of working at home. In india, since 2010, google, tata, ntro have run a fairly successful campaign of getting citizens working at home on the computer, declared mentally unsound or criminally defamed in the worst manner, to steal their identity, savings for the relatives and associates who then get raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity.

Now teacher edith trying to raw/cbi job for herself, son following footstep of school dropout cbi employee naina chandan

goa is the worst governed state in india because the government, intelligence and security agencies are making fake claims about SEX SERVICE PROVIDER cbi employee school dropout naina chandan based on fake references from the powerful R&AW employee tushar parekh who is so addicted to SEX with the kolhapur born school dropout that he falsely claims that the school dropout was his btech 1993 ee classmate in a case of PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT which the extremely corrupt goan government refuses to acknowledge

Like her sugar daddy fraud ntro employee mhow monster puneet who ensured that his fraud was not exposed, getting others to follow his footsteps in exploiting the single woman domain investor ,goan governments pet SEX SERVICE PROVIDER cbi employee school dropout naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh is encouraging others to follow her footsteps and get jobs for their lazy greedy sons so that she alone is not targetted for her fraud of making fake claims about computer work, ruthlessly exploiting the single woman domain investor
panaji teacher edith the latest fraudster following the footsteps of SEX SERVICE PROVIDER cbi employee school dropout naina chandan, in faking her relationship with the domain investor, to get a permanent raw/cbi job for her lazy mediocre sons, karan, nikhil, the teacher edith who is teaching english, mathematics, is always saying hello, very loudly pretending to be very friendly, most probably, so that she can make fake claims, and get herself and her son, a raw/cbi job just like naina chandan, got jobs for her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil
It is one of the greatest frauds of the goa intelligence and security agencies that they are falsely linking the domain investor with various women, their sons when the domain investor has no professional or business relationship, it is purely a social relationship of saying hello

If the people greet, then it only courtesy to greet the person, some others also greet, only cunning shameless greedy women like naina, teacher edith with sons are involved in frauds, faking their relation with the domain investor to get their lazy frauds raw/cbi jobs without doing any computer work,after the great success of the panaji gujju sex queen naina and her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil

NTRO/R&AW/cbi refused to monitor their computer work at home FRAUDSTER employees for ten years

In one of the greatest government work at home frauds in the world masterminded by the sundar pichai led google, tata, NTRO/R&AW/cbi refused to monitor their computer work at home FRAUDSTER employees for ten years though they were being paid monthly government salaries for FAKING BANKING ACCOUNT, DOMAIN ownership

instead these fraud liar CORRUPT SHAMELESS indian government agencies closely monitored the real domain investor, a private citizen, who was actually doing work at home, hacking all her computers, and then SHAMELESSLY FALSELY CLAIMED that their call girl, robber, cheater fraud employees and their associates, who were not spending any time doing computer work, were doing the work to pay all these frauds a monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor
To ensure that their banking fraudster liar employees were not exposed, the domain investor was criminally defamed in the worst possible manner, making up fake allegations without any kind of proof, for ten years, to destroy her credibility completely, so that no one believed her, though she was telling the truth.

One of the main masterminds of this work at home fraud since 2010, mhow monster ntro employee puneet also is an expert in creating an atmosphere of fear, so that no one questions his endless lies and fraud to get all his lazy greedy liar call girl, fraud, robber sugar babies monthly raw/cbi salaries without doing any kind of computer work, without investing any kind of money online in domains

when 2005 bbm R&AW employee bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar is cooking,HOUSEKEEPING, why is NTRO employee j srinivasan making up fake stories of computer work

Since 2010, indian government has made up FAKE STORIES of computer work of beautiful housewives who are actually COOKING,HOUSEKEEPING
In one of the greatest financial frauds, since 2010, though it is aware that the lazy greedy beautiful raw/cbi employees like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, naina chandan, indore robber deepika are only COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, the indian government continues with its financial, online fraud, making fake claims about computer work, criminally defaming, cheating and exploiting the single woman domain investor who is spending 8-10 hours daily

The incompetent indian government is repeating the lies of the powerful fraud ntro employees led by the mhow monster puneet who hate the single woman domain investor, are hacking her computers since 2010, and then falsely claiming that their lazy greedy liar sugar babies are doing the computer work

Surveillance, income tax returns will legally prove that the raw/cbi employees like nayanshree hathwar are only cooking, housekeeping, yet indicating the incompetence of the indian and state government, they shamelessly and falsely make up fake stories of computer work, while criminally defaming the real domain investor who is spending 8-10 hours daily doing computer work

CIA rewards Sundar pichai with complete control of google, for his complete control of state, goan and indian government

The cowardly indian mainstream media carried the news of how Sundar pichai got complete control of google, it does not analyze the real reason for his appointment. CIA has realized that google completely controls the indian and state governments especially the goan government, all rules are flouted, indian government is openly involved in a major ICANN, ONLINE, FINANCIAL, DOMAIN FRAUD for the last 10 years only to help google destroy competition.

The indian government is misusing the indian government propaganda machinery, and the goan government is openly involved in BANKING, ONLINE, FINANCIAL, REAL ESTATE FRAUD on the google competitor for the last 10 years, making completely fake claims to destroy the life and reputation of the google competitor, causing great financial losses
An article in Outlook india said that google controlled almost all the officials offering bribes in the form of money and raw/cbi jobs for the relatives, SUGAR BABIES of top indian intelligence and security agency employees with the stolen identity of the google competitor.

In 2019, the entire indian and state governments especially the goan government are working as FREELANCERS for google, willing to break all rules, commit human right abuses with top officials SHAMELESS LIARS, making fake claims to please their client google and its ceo sundar pichai
Recognizing the great success of google in controlling the entire indian and state governments, CIA has rewarded Sundar pichai with complete control of google

Goa, karnataka, indian government repeating LIES of BRAHMIN SOCIOPATH ntro employees j srinivasan, mhow cheater puneet who MISUSE the name of goa 1989 jee topper

In India normally if the name of a person is MISUSED ,people will usually believe the person who complains and not believe in the person who has MISUSED the name
The maharashtra mla tamasha in november 2019 again proves the rights of a person who name is misused
All the 12 call girl, robber, cheater raw/cbi employees are aware that they got the job and monthly salary only because NTRO employees led by BRAHMIN SOCIOPATH ntro employees j srinivasan, mhow cheater puneet MISUSED the name of engineer they HATED, yet refuse to resign after 10 years
The engineer can legally prove that she is not connected to the ntro/raw/cbi employees in any way at all.

The engineer is protesting loudly against the fraud, the reputation of india is getting damaged in the process, yet these raw/cbi employees refuse to resign
This shows that the raw/cbi/ntro employees are far greater frauds than any politician in India in 2019
The Maharashta cm, Fadnavis resignation in November 2019 shows that politicians are far more honest, decent than NTRO employees who shamelessly MISUSE the name of women domain investors, engineer they hate to get their sugar babies relatives raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of the engineer for more than 8 years, without doing anything to end the fraud.
Fadnavis resigned within 3 days after the MLAs started complaining that their name was misused, the domain investor is complaining for 8 years, yet the ntro employees lack the humanity and honesty to ask their sugar babies, relatives to resign so that she gets the income and opportunities she deserves .

Indian, state government continue to falsely claim that NON-STOP ROBBERY of ntro employees was HELP for the goa 1989 jee topper

Indian and state government still remain in denial about the brilliantly evil fraud of ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet
Most fraudsters have to at least interact directly with their victim who they rob, yet in a extremely brilliantly evil fraud, mhow cheater puneet robbed everything including resume, savings, correspondence without even bothering to interact with his victim who is a complete stranger to him, with his great charm and acting skills, abusing his great powers as a senior and powerful indian government employee

Usually most fraudsters will only steal the savings, money of their victim, at least no one robs the resume, correspondence, trade secrets, memory of the victim, ruins their reputation, so that even if they lose money to the fraudster, they can get some work, and make money again. Usually the fraudsters are not allowed to steal the correspondence to isolate their victim by the government.

Yet the ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet were so ruthless and brilliantly evil, that in addition to ROBBING the savings of the engineer, he also robbed the resume, correspondence, trade secrets, memory of the engineer, her relationships, ruined the engineers reputation so that it is almost impossible to get any kind of paid work in India.

Additionally whatever payment the engineer receives, the fraud puneet falsely claims belongs to his lazy greedy robber, fraud call girl sugar babies like riddhi, siddhi, sunaina chodan, naina chandan, nayanshree hathwar and others, who are not doing any kind of computer work, to get all his sugar babies,their sons, monthly raw/cbi salaries for more than 10 years at the expense of the engineer .

Not satisfied with cheating, exploiting the engineer himself, the fraud puneet also encouraged other fraud ntro employees like j srinivasan, parmar, patel, parekh, nikhil sha, vijay, to also commit exactly the same fraud on her and get their relatives, sugar babies and associates monthly raw/cbi salaries, so that the engineer is now fighting 30-40 fraud powerful ntro employees who have directly committed a fraud on her

All fraud victims are getting angry, when they lose a lot of money, yet the cruel cunning mhow cheater puneet is using this anger to pretend that he is worried about his victims health, and defame, cheat, and exploit her further, continue with his atrocities on her, robbing her correspondence, misuse her name, make fake claims about her business to get his girlfriends monthly raw/cbi salaries without doing any work

The mhow monster ntro employee puneet HATED the engineer so much and if he was honest, he should have NOT INTERFERED in her life, not used her name at all, Yet in a BRILLIANTLY EVIL FRAUD , he has ROBBED everything from her, her savings, resume, reputation, relationships, memory, trade secrets, correspondence without even contacting his victim once, If the victim is interacting with the fraudster they can take some action, in this case, fraud ntro employee puneet did not even interact with her even once in 26 years .

In a clear indication of the worsening status of educated women in India, the indian and state government especially goa government remain in denial about the fraud on the goa 1989 jee topper by the mhow cheater puneet and other ntro employees, who ROBBED everything from her, FAKING HELP when they HATED her. Instead the indian and state government repeat their LIES of FAKE HELP, when actually it was non-stop ROBBERY for 10 years

Can the goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh and haryana government explain why the odissa government does not falsely label daniel webar as a security threat

The best lawyers, doctors and other professionals in India are making a lot of money because they are the best in the field, they have worked hard to improve their skills, and work regularly

Daniel webar (iwriter account 136312) from odissa is a top writer and he is making a lot of money writing, the oddissa government does not label him a security threat without any proof, they acknowledge his skills and hard work. Writing is very tedious work, writers have to spend all their time writing in front of their computer and have very less free time for other activities

Though the indian and state governments in goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh, maharashtra and haryana have been involved in a massive WRITING, ONLINE FRAUD for the last 10 years, making fake claims about the paypal, bank account of the domain investor for the last 10 years, the photo on the iwriter account 137870 of the domain investor, proves that she is also a very prolific writer like daniel webar and her income is legal

Can the goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh and haryana government explain why the odissa government does not falsely label daniel webar as a security threat, why the domain investor alone is labelled a security threat without any proof at all for the last 10 years ?

allegedly BRIBED by sundar pichai led google, tata the indian government is openly involved in worlds greatest ONLINE, DOMAIN, FINANCIAL FRAUD falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored goan CALL GIRLS, cheater housewives, school dropouts, robbers and other frauds raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains, do not spend any time writing own her paypal, bank account duping internet companies, domain registrars, registries and ICANN in the process