Fake help of fraud NTRO employees prevented her from getting genuine help from anyone

The powerful fraud ntro employees led by the cunning brahmin cheater puneet were excellent actors , and almost everyone was duped by their great acting, lies and fraud of pretending to help the harmless google competitor , who they actually hated and whose life they wanted to destroy.
In addition to causing great losses, by paying all the frauds money without asking for proof and evidence, taking harmful decisions, misusing the name of the google competitor, and interfering in the life of a private citizen, who he had not contacted, the cunning fraud NTRO employee puneet, also ensured that those who really wanted to help the google competitor could not do so.
The cunning fraud ntro employee puneet was so convincing in his acting, that everyone thought that he was very genuine and really wanted to help , when actually he wanted to exploit his btech 1993 ee classmate to the maximum extent possible to boost his career, and destroy her life.All the ntro employees only wanted to exploit the google competitor to the maximum extent possible to boost their career, for personal gain and hatred, and did not allow those who really wanted to help her to do so, or even contact her stealing all the correspondence.
Now that they have exploited the google competitor to the maximum extent possible and their lazy fraud inexperienced cheater girlfriends are getting a monthly indian government salary for doing nothing, these fraud ntro employees are trying to run away from the mess that they have created. They do not even have the decency to contact the google competitor and purchase at least a few of the domain names, which they falsely claimed that their lazy fraud sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud girlfriends falsely claimed to own to get a monthly government salary.