Security agency, CBI, NTRO employees stealing savings of private citizens do not have the courage to defend their lies, crime in an open debate

One of the close kept secrets of the indian internet sector is how indian security agency, CBI, NTRO employees are stealing savings of private citizens, especially domain investors without a court order or legally valid reason after putting them under surveillance for years.
These government employees are allegedly bribed by google, tata to do so, so that the domain investor will face financial difficulties, either take up a job and agree to identity theft, When the matter was raised on the forum webhostingtalk, the fraud ntro employees tried to defend their crime of stealing the savings of a harmless private citizen, saying that the domain investor had domains so the theft was justified. The fraud ntro employee chatbox then got the webhosting talk account disabled for exposing the criminal activities of ntro employees .
However domain names are a major expense, there is no guarantee that the domain investor will make a single rupee from the domain name, despite spending Rs 700-800 annually for the domain name . However the section 420 fraud ntro employees getting a monthly indian government salary are shameless ruthless cheaters, liars and devoid of humanity, they are refusing to acknowledge and check the facts that it is very difficult to make money online in 2017, refusing to defend their crime in an open debate how registering domain names with automatically make a person rich.
In 2017, the ad sales, money making online are closely controlled by google, tata, ntro, nsa, it is very difficult to make any kind of money online, so the domain investor requires the hard earned money for financial emergencies and reinvestment to get better returns.