Grief Turned My Nephew to Drugs

Posted on by fpl

I was really surprised when my sister told me that my nephew was using drugs. I don’t see them often as they live pretty far away, but this just did not fit well with the happy go lucky young man that I thought he was. She told me that he was having problems ever since his father died, and he had started hanging out with the wrong crowd as a result. I knew that he was hurting from this, but not enough to where my sister was looking into drug treatment center in NJ to try and get him help.

She wanted me to look at a couple of places to get my opinion on them, and I really liked what I saw at SOBA. This is not a cookie cutter treatment plan. They want to help addicts lose not only their addiction but also the problems that caused the addiction to start in the first place. I knew that my nephew was hurting worse than any of us realized, and that he was trying to bury his pain. It might not have been physical pain, but I know firsthand that emotional pain can be a whole lot worse at times.

I called and talked with someone at SOBA to ensure that they were equipped to deal with a grieving young man who was hurting so bad that he could not face reality without numbing himself from it. I was happy with what they said, and my sister also talked with them. They went more in depth with their treatment plan with her, and she was able to somehow convince her son to give it a shot. She told him that his dad would want this for him, and those were the magic words for treatment to begin. It is going to be a long road, and we are going to be with him every step of the way.