My Husband Needed to Do Something About Our Weight

Posted on by fpl

The doctor told me and my husband that we are both very overweight. My husband is obese, and I am moving very dangerously close to being obese myself. This meant that we need to get serious about our health. I already have a pair of walking shoes, but I needed to find some of the best walking shoes for men so that I could get my husband a pair. I wanted to find him something that would be durable very comfortable because I did sort of create and use that as an excuse for not going out walking with me. I found a really great pair of shoes and he loves them. now we take a walk every single day together.

My husband and I have always had a good marriage, but we work a lot of hours and we did not spend a lot of time doing extracurricular activities with one another. We never saw this as a problem because we have such a good marriage, but it was no good for our physical health. Walking together daily has brought us closer together and we find that we are bonding even more. It has been really nice, and we both said that we wish that we would have started this together years ago. We look forward to our daily exercise time now every single day.

I don’t think that we eat all that much food, but we spend long hours just sitting for work everyday and that helps to keep the weight on and to gain even more as every day goes by. We are working hard on changing that. We have even purchased some new cookbook so that we can learn how to cook in new ways that are much healthier and much tastier. We have been taking turns in the kitchen making you know that we have never made before. Both of us have said that we are really enjoying this new way of living.