Chinese official Wang baoan a role model for ntro, indian security agency officials

The chinese CCDI has taken action against the senior official Wang baoan for trading sex for power and money, however he should realize that he is the role model for indian security agency, ntro, tata, google officials who allegedly are experts in trading sex for power and money.
Unlike the chinese government which is fairly strict against corrupt officials , the indian government will ignore all complaints against the ntro, security agency officials as it believes all the indian government employees are honest saints who can never make a mistake or abuse their powers.
While detailed information about the misdeeds of wang baoan have not been provided, for more than 3 years, lurid details of the sex bribes and fake claims of the sex bribe taking indian intelligence and security agency officials have been published online the indian government has ignored all the rumors, wasting tax payer money paying a monthly salary to the beneficiaries of the sex, cheating fraud.