Actual Music Files Are Better Than Streaming

My friends don’t bother downloading songs anymore. They use various streaming services to play the sons they want, which is fine when you have an active Internet connection, but if that connection goes away, then you have nothing. I would rather have an mp3 download on my phone that I can listen to at any time, no matter the circumstance. They think I’m living in the past, but they saw first hand how having the actual song on your device is a better option.

My friends and I decided to take a road trip, and along the way, our cell reception dropped. We were traveling through a rural area, so access to the cell towers wasn’t possible. This made it impossible for us to make calls or use our data connections. This also meant that no one could stream their music from their phone. The only options for music were the local radio stations, which played nothing but terrible music, or the mp3s stored on my phone. I’m not the kind of person who likes to gloat, but I made sure to do it in my friends faces, because they were so attached to their music streaming services.

Even after that incident during the road trip, once my friends and I got back to an area where our phones could reach the towers, they still relied on their streaming services. I guess it’s hard for some people to break a habit. They’ll keep using all of their data on streaming music, and won’t have anything left for videos. I guess if that’s what they want, I can’t really do much to change their minds. I’ll just remember to bring up how I told them to download mp3s when the next outage happens. Maybe then they’ll finally get the hint and stop streaming.