I Ran into an Old Friend

This was a normal night when it started out, but when I was going into the store to buy a six pack and some chips I ran into a guy I had not seen for about six months. He was the richest kid I knew in school and I only saw him when both of us were home from college. He was already buzzing and started to talk about Las Vegas Asian girls. I was interested in that and pretty soon we were both waiting in a parking lot. A party bus came by after about fifteen minutes and it was on after that. Apparently some other rich boy was going to marry a rich girl, so they decided to have a blow out bachelor party. As soon as I got on the bus a girl stuck her boobs in my face and asked if I was the groom to be. I smiled and lied as well as I could with everyone else laughing their butts off. By the time we got to the club there must have been a dozen strippers on that bus along with around twenty guys, I do not think that it was ever designed to carry that many people.

At any rate I drank a few beers and then we went from this strip club to the actual bachelor party. I was wondering if I would make it to work the next morning and figuring I could come up with an excuse. The best one I could think of was to tell my boss where this party was, he could probably not yell at me with a hangover and this was an unreal party. At any rate I seemed to be the only person there who was going easy on the alcohol and at the end it was me flirting with around twenty odd girls.