Government support for indore robber R&AW employee housewife veena in her BANKING FRAUD proves that goa is one of worst states in India for business

The google, tata sponsored indore robber R&AW employee housewife veena who looks like actress deepika padukone is only looking after her house and family in indore, she never had any online income in her life and she never invested any money online in her life
All this can be legally proved in the court of law
yet bribed by the fraud companies google, tata who are beating the nigerian fraudsters as the greatest online fraudsters in the world, the BRIBE TAKING LIAR FRAUD top intelligence and security agency employees in goa prove that they are the greatest frauds in India , when they falsely claim that the indore ROBBER housewife, with no online income owns the paypal, banking account of her relative she ROBBED and tortured, and has no connection at all,so that the indore ROBBER gets a raw salary at the expense of her relative who she ROBBED

BANK DETAILS will legally prove that the intelligence and security agency employees in goa are LIARS, LACK CREDIBILITY AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED when they make fake claims about the indore robber housewife veena after getting bribes from her fraud husband and another fraud raw employee deepika . The refusal of the goan government to question the officials who are making FAKE CLAIMS aout the indore housewife veena, who is involved in a BANKING FRAUD shows the terrible business conditions in goa.

In other states, the security agencies do not make fake claims about business ownership, falsely claim that ROBBER HOUSEWIVES from other states, call girls, school dropouts, with no online income , own the online business of a citizen in the state, only in goa, the corruption levels are so high that top officials have no qualms continue with their BANKING FRAUD for ten years

Similar problem is faced by other business owners in goa also, and goa is one of the worst states for doing business in India according to a survey
The CRISIL-SIDBI survey published in the June edition of ‘Market Pulse’, a monthly publication of the SIDBI, has also ranked states in business lending to individual units, in which too Goa has slipped to a lower position from 14th place in 2015-16 to 22nd position in 2018-19.