Government refuses to take action against NTRO employees who are notorious sociopaths abusing the engineer they hate

Making fake claims about writing work of nayanshree hathwar, sunaina chodan, riddhi caro nayak proves that ntro employees especially j srinivasan, vijay are MENTALLY UNSOUND sociopaths
The ntro employees especially j srinivasan, vijay, parmar are aware that their lazy greedy unskilled girlfriends/sugar babies nayanshree hathwar, sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro, naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, are not doing any computer work at all.
Yet in a clear indication that these employees are MENTALLY UNSOUND sociopaths they are making fake claims that their sugar babies who are not spending any time online, own the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer who they hate
Since 2010 , these ntro employees have shown all signs that they are SOCIOPATHS and abusive behavior with their endless atrocities on the domain investor, engineer
Isolating completely
Exploits others without guilt or shame. …
Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others
Faking help to rob correspondence for 10 years

They do not even realize that when they are making fake claims of writing work, they are exploiting, defaming and cheating the real writer, who is spending a lot of time writing .
The indian government is so regressive that it does not even realize that its employees are narcissitic sociopaths, involved in abusive behavior of a harmless private citizen who they hate for more than 10 years wasting crores of rupees of taxpayer money

Other intelligence agencies have realized that ntro employees are sociopaths, narcissitic, ruthlessly and mercilessly abusing and exploiting the harmless engineer, without facing her, forcing her to complain loudly, so it is sending messages on quora repeatedly while the indian government refuses to realize that its employees are mentally unsound liars.