Indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact that resources are wasted monitoring harmless citizens, resulting in Kashmir violence

The regular memory robbery of the domain investor by ntro does not take place automatically some resources are required for the robbery, some person is initiating or ordering the robbery, the robbed memory is then analysed by people, and then transfereed to the 10 google, tata sponsored, call girl, robber, school dropout fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 degree and others

Lawyers have indicated that 40-50 intelligence and security agency employees are involved in monitoring and harassing the harmless domain investor, engineer since 2010, for more than 9 years. These intelligence and security agency employees have not found any legally valid proof against the engineer, no one has contacted the engineer directly in 9 years of surveillance, yet the surveillance continues. There are many people who are actually arrested or detained for making statements like Kanhaiya Kumar, and the indian inteligence, security agencies will be devoting more resources to monitoring these activists who they are taking action, filing chargesheet

Now indian intelligence agencies do not have infinite employees, they have only approximately 10000 employees since only charming good looking people are considered like most other intelligence agencies. There are many other harmless indian citizens like the engineer who are also closely monitored by the indian intelligence agencies wasting resources, intelligence employees are spending their time monitoring the activities of these citizens..

The domain investor, engineer is only a harmless private citizen, she is not a celebrity, politician, activist, involved in criminal activities, yet the indian government is wasting 40-50 intelligence and security agency employees to monitor her, mainly because relatives , girlfriends of top officials are getting raw/cbi salaries only for stealing her identity. If only 100 other indian citizens are monitored in a manner similar to the domain investor , 5000 intelligence employees are wasting their time and will not do any other work. Krishna Srini on quora has indicated that many other indian citizens are subjected to identity theft like the domain investor, engineer, only they do not complain like the domain investor.

So if a professional analysis of resource utilization of intelligence, security agencies is carried out, 50% of the intelligence employees are wasted monitoring innocent indian citizens against whom no proof has been found for many years, only because fraud companies like google, tata are interested in surveillance, to avoid paying salaries to these professionals like the engineer, domain investor. So only 5000 intelligence employees are monitoring a large country like india, with real problems, killings and violence in many states including those handling Kanhaiya Kumar, against whom chargesheets are being filed.

In Kashmir, there are unlikely to be more than 1000 intelligence employees and these are likely to be overworked since there is lot of unrest. Yet the indian intelligence agencies are extremely incompetent, lack in professionalism, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are wasting resources monitoring harmless innocent citizens, like the domain investor, engineer and move the resources to more productive work, like monitoring Kashmir, where there is lot of violence.,

Till the indian government leaders refuse to ackowledge the fact that resources are wasted monitoring harmless citizens like the domain investor, engineer, and end the wastage, the intelligence agencies will never have the resources to end violence in places like Kashmir