Government relied on IB for sending CBI directors on leave, so IB employees exposed

The media carried the news of how CBI chief Alok Verma’s PSOs had detained the intelligence employees and released their details to the media, which is not acceptable. This again exposes the problem in the indian intelligence agencies , especially R&AW and CBI who are openly running extortion and blackmail rackets to get bribes, steal identities and get raw/cbi jobs for their lazy greedy mediocre relatives and friends with the stolen identity of indian citizens.

Compared to CBI and R&AW, which are extremely powerful, yet have very dishonest liar employees running extortion and blackmail rackets,identity theft rackets, on harmless hardworking indian citizens making fake allegations against them without any legally valid proof, IB employees especially in Mumbai are far more honest and helpful for most hardworking indian citizens. They had tried to warn the domain investor about the endless frauds of R&AW, cbi in Mumbai, that her life would be destroyed, and to avoid these agencies to the extent possible.

It appears that IB exposed the endless extortion and blackmail rackets in CBI, so to take revenge, the IB staff was detained and exposed to the media. It is time that the government has the courage to investigate the operation of R&AW, cbi, NTRO and end their blackmail,extortion and identity theft racket on harmless indian citizens, wasting crores of taxpayer money in the process.