Liar cheater NTRO employees force the indian tax payer to pay for google, tata’s business expenses

For influencing government policy most companies especially large companies hire the services of lobbyists, offering bribes to top government employees directly or as jobs for their associates, relatives and make donations, these are business expenses, paid from the profit of the business.
However in a great financial fraud which the cowardly fraud indian mainstream media refuses to cover , google, tata have managed to manipulated the extremely corrupt indian government, intelligence and security agencies, so that the indian tax payer is paying a large part of the business expenses of google,tata for the last 8 years since 2010

Many offline businesses supply call girls and sex workers to government employees, potential customers as bribes, however most businesses are paying the sex worker charges from their own profit. Similarly businesses will offer cash and kind bribes to government employees, they again pay from their profit and consider it a business expense. To influence powerful government employees, some companies are hiring the relatives of these government employees, however these companies are paying these well connected employees out of their own profit, another business expense

However in a brilliantly evil google,tata masterminded financial fraud in the indian internet sector, these companies have managed to manipulate the government and system in India, so that the indian tax payer is paying all these business expenses for these fraud internet and it companies. The shameless liar cheater employees of google, tata are falsely promoting goan sex workers, bribe givers and relatives of top government officials, who do not do any work online, do not invest any money online, as domain investors, online experts, to get all these lazy greedy frauds lucrative R&AW/cbi jobs at the expense of the real domain investor.

So the indian tax payer is paying all the business expenses of google, tata for supplying goan sex workers to government employees, getting bribes for top government, R&AW, cbi employees and also jobs for inexperienced lazy greedy relatives of top indian governmen employees. When the domain investor impersonated by the google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees is complaining, the government employees are falsely labelling her a security threat, questioning her health

For example google, tata are supplying the lazy greedy goan prostitutes sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar to top ntro, cbi, raw, indian government employees for sex as bribes to the top government employees, to control these powerful indian government employees, ensure that they abuse their great discretionary powers, to take decisions which will benefit these large companies. For example top officials are making fake allegations without any proof against the domain investor since 2010, to defame, cheat and exploit her.

Most offline businesses are paying call girls, sex and other service providers who are used to influence government employees from their profit , however to avoid paying the sex workers their fees from the profit they are making, google, tata are falsely claiming that that the sex workers are online experts , domain investors , so that R&AW can officially falsely claim that these women are online experts, though bank details will legally prove that the sex worker R&AW employees have never done any work online, made any money online

Google,tata are also promoting other frauds like indore document robber veena, riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar, naina , ruchika, asmita patel, who do not do any work online, do not spend any money online, as domain investors, online experts, because these lazy fraud women are paying bribes to government employees or are related to top indian government employees, again allowing them to control the indian government

google,tata are taking advantage of the fact that in 2018, the incompetent shameless corrupt indian government has given ntro employees the license to lie, commit banking, identity theft fraud, falsely claim that prostitutes, cheater housewives and other frauds who do not spend any money online, are online experts, domain investors