I Hired a Professional Cleaning Company to Help

I am the property manager for several apartment complexes. It is not uncommon to have several people move in or out every month, and some months it can even reach the double digits. I am fine with this because it keeps my job interesting. I used to clean the apartments myself when someone would leave without doing it themselves. Every apartment has to pass a cleaning inspection, otherwise they will lose their deposit. However, last year I decided to look at companies that provide moving out cleaning for Singapore area rentals. It was just getting too hard for me to do it on my own.

I had hired a few people to do it for me, but I was not satisfied with their work. It did me no good to pay them a generous wage, only to have to go in and do some touch up cleaning of my own because I was not happy. That is when I decided to just go with a professional cleaning company. Since all the apartments are completely emptied before I bring them in, it makes it very easy for them to get the job done right on the first try.

When I call them, the tenant has already lost his deposit for not cleaning the apartment before leaving. I pay the cleaners who come out, and then I put the rest of the deposit back to purchase something new for the apartment to make it look even nicer. The cleaners who work these apartments are very good at what they do. They clean every single inch of it, both the exterior as well as interior closets and cupboards. The windows are done, the dust boards, vents, the bathrooms, and every other bit of space inside. I have never once not been satisfied with the work they do, which is why I am going to continue to use them.