Arrogant, greedy fraud goan bhandari, gsb, shivalli brahmin NTRO,raw,cbi, security agency employees underestimated bhandari single woman engineer

It appears that fraud google, tata employees had told the fraud goan bhandari officials that they could force the single woman engineer to agree to identity theft, steal her hard earned money, stalking defaming, cheating, exploiting and harassing her.

However these goan officials are extremely arrogant, greedy, lack honesty, integrity and intelligence, so they underestimated the single woman bhandari engineer. Blinded by the lies of google, tata, they thought that just because they were spreading false rumors and blocking payment, it would affect the engineer, and she would agree to identity theft.
However as a trained and experienced engineer, she was aware of the fact that nothing can legally happen , unless evidence is available, After wasting her time for a few years, she realized that all these fraud officials and their associates who they got raw/cbi jobs were extremely greedy, lazy and risk averse, they would not purchase the domain names paying the market price and do any work online

So in 2017, she started questioning the banking fraud using the income tax returns as proof of the financial fraud. In 2018, it appears that the goan bhandari, gsb, shivalli brahmin NTRO,raw,cbi, security agency employees have finally realized that stealing the identity for their lazy greedy mediocre relatives,friends, of an experienced single woman engineer will not be possible, so they broke into the house of the engineer in panaji, goa