I Get Help So That I Won’t Fall Further Behind

Leasing apartments seemed like a good way to earn a nice living, and it has been. I have had trouble handling everything on my own, though. I have recently started working with a company that offers post tenancy cleaning for Singapore landlords. I crunched some numbers, and I realized that it would cost me more money to hire employees of my own to do the work. I pay fifty percent less money by paying a company who has cleaning employees that they send over to help me. It works out really nicely, and it takes a lot of pressure off of me.

I did not earn the money myself to purchase an apartment building. My parents have been gone from this world for the last 20 years. I was raised by my grandfather. I don’t really remember what my parents were like, but my grandfather always told me that they were wonderful people. When my grandfather died, I inherited quite a large amount of money from his estate. I didn’t want to be stupid and live off that money. I knew that I wanted to do something that would help me earn even more. When the opportunity to purchase an apartment building came up, I jumped on it right away.

The building that I own is not very large, but it fills my needs. There are 10 different rental units. It takes a lot of work to handle all of the occupants needs each day. What I struggled with was cleaning out the apartments when a renter would move out. On my own, I found that it often took me many days to clean everything up and get one unity ready for the next person to move into. This made me fall behind with all of my other work. Now, I just make a phone call and a local company sends an employee over to handle the cleaning for me.