Lifting the Spirits of Students and Teachers

All of the local kids seem to be benefiting from the Singapore physics tutors that were hired recently. When the kids came back home with low test scores, the parents made it a number one priority to get their grades up. The kids just couldn’t understand what was being explained to them. I had the same experience when I was in school taking physics for the first time. All of the formulas and concepts just weren’t coming together, and I nearly failed the class. I was lucky that I had a tutor on my side to help me out.

Before the tutors, the students would spend hours trying to make it through their physics homework, and most of the time they would still get the answers wrong. I know it must have been devastating to try their hardest and to see their papers come back with bad scores. The teacher tried changing her teaching method so the students could have an easier time understanding, but it didn’t work, and their papers came back with the same results. The teacher was also feeling bad, because she felt that she had failed her students because they just couldn’t understand. She was beginning to question whether she should be a teacher at all.

Each homework assignment and test now comes back with passing grades. The students are now actively competing to get the highest scores among each other. The teacher has changed her teaching style to match those of the tutors and now she’s feeling better about herself and her job. As for the parents, they couldn’t be prouder of their kids. They put the children’s test grades on the refrigerator and some even put them in picture frames and hang them on the wall. I keep my son’s highest grade on the desk at my office.