NTRO employees worse than roadside romeos in defaming, sexually harassing, exploiting women

The indian government should realize that the extremely powerful NTRO employees are worse than roadside romeos in defaming, sexually harassing, exploiting harmless indian women, especially single women domain investors
They think that just because they are viciously defaming a single woman domain investor without any proof, the woman should blindly accept their lies and agree to the unfair and humiliating deal which they have planned for her. However any educated professional woman in India faces a lot of harassment, and trains herself to ignore the men like roadside romeos who are harassing her.
The domain investor , google competitor is as qualified as the ntro employees and just as the ntro employees would never give a stake in their business to a eighth standard pass man, or inexperienced lazy housewife , the google competitor and domain investor will never give a stake or form any partnership with the semi literate girlfriends, relatives of these top NTRO, CBI employees
When the ntro employees are making fake allegations without any proof against the google competitor, they are just like roadside romeos muttering rubbish who most indian women train themselves to avoid, only tax payer money is being wasted by the ntro employees.

Though income tax returns, bank details prove that NTRO employees are shameless liars falsely claiming google, tata supplied SEX workers, frauds are working online, the indian government blindly believes the lies of the NTRO employees to waste indian tax payer money on sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds.