Helping My Grandmother Feel Better About Her Looks As She Ages

My grandmother was depressed after she and I were out buying swimsuits. She tried one on that was the same pattern as mine. We stood side by side at the fitting room mirror, and she looked like someone punched her in the face. It was a mix of sadness and even a touch of anger. She told me later that she suddenly realized what age was doing to her body. Looking at pictures of her my age, we could be twins. The wrinkles and sagging skin bothered her so much that I looked for an aesthetic medical clinic for Singapore to schedule her an appointment.

I am looking at it from this side of the timeline of age where my skin is still youthful and taut without any wrinkles or age spots. However, I am not sure I would care about that as much as it has hit my grandmother. She is so vibrant and full of life. Maybe the mirror moment hit her so hard because of thoughts of how many more years she has. Maybe it is part regret for not taking better care of herself or just anger over how genetics has so much control of how we look and age. I told her to fight back against it instead of getting depressed. We are both fighters, so I just had to get that aspect of her personality in gear.

At the aesthetic medical clinic for Singapore she found several treatments she was comfortable with that would roll back the clock on how she looked in her new bating suit that matched mine. She went from a look that could have passed as mother and daughter to one of being an older sister of mine. Grandma is fortunate to have the good looks she has. Some women her age have very severe wrinkles and sagging skin that make them look ancient. I am glad she does not have that problem. That probably would have been devastating to her.