I Do Things to Help out at Home when I Can

I will never forgive my father for dumping my mom and me. I may only be 15 years old, but even I know that you should at least help out the mother of your children, even if you don’t care to be with the mother anymore. Mom struggles a lot financially, so I try not to bug her to give me any money. I used a Virtual Families 2 money generator just recently to help with the game so that I will not have to ask my mom if she will give me money to buy things in the game. My mother told me that she loves that I like to stay close to home and play games during my free time because she has friends who have children who roam around town and get into trouble.

I really didn’t know that my dad was unhappy. I knew that he was a bit aloof, but I think there are a lot of dads that act like that because they are busy with work and other things. My father didn’t even tell us that he was leaving. He didn’t give us the respect of telling us why he was leaving either. Mom and I woke up on a Saturday morning and dad was gone. We both thought that he may have gone to the store. When he still wasn’t home by that afternoon, my mom was really worried. That night, he called to say that he would come back in a week to pick up his belongings. Mom was devastated, and I was confused and angry.

I try to help out my mother as much as I can. She has to work full time to support the two of us. When she comes home, she tries to take care of the house and me. When I come home from school, I try to help do housecleaning. I am thinking about learning how to make some basic meals. I think my mom would love it if she came home from work and I surprise her with a nice meal.