Advertising Via Flyers Had Amazing Results

I was not sure how to go about getting the word out that I was opening up a second location for my restaurant. Word of mouth advertising is great, but I knew that I wanted more than that. I considered doing a mailing, perhaps by sending out postcards, but then I thought about what I do when I get them in the mail. I have no problem throwing things like that away when I get them, and that’s without looking at them. I finally decided on looking into flyer distribution in Singapore because that is the one thing that I always take notice of.

When I am out and about and I come across a flyer that looks really nice and glossy, I take my time and look at it. I do this mainly because I know that a flyer is apt to have a coupon or discount associated with it, and I figured that others had to have the same mindset. I decided to locate a company that prints and distributes flyers. I wanted to see what their pricing was for a set amount of flyers, and I also wanted to find out how they distribute them.

It did not take me long to find a company that has a solid reputation for being at the top of their game when it comes to both printing the flyers as well as making sure they are distributed properly. I looked over their website and was able to see a pricing scale as well as the different ways they can ensure that a quality printed flyer will get into a potential customer’s hands. I decided to try a trial run, and it turned out to be the best answer for my advertising needs. The opening of the second location was amazing, and a lot of people told me they heard about it from the flyers.