Easy to Use and Fun to Try on Friends

Usually when I see a hack for something that I can use with my phone, the hack has to be applied in some round about way that is pretty complicated. I don’t consider myself to be slow when it comes to using technology, but there are some things that even I can’t figure out how to do. There was one IG hack that I found that was actually pretty easy to use. The hack had the advantage of being web based, rather than something I had to actually install on phone, which is great because my phone isn’t rooted and can’t run anything from an SD card.

Sometimes I use the hack for useful things, but most of the time I use it to play funny pranks on my friends. I’ll come up with an idea to change some things around that will scare my friends, and upload some pictures to their account without them knowing. Once I did this by splitting up a scary image from a horror movie into nine smaller images. When viewed in grid mode, the pictures show the combined image. A friend of mine really hates this clown from a horror movie, so when he saw that clown, he jumped in fear and almost dropped his phone on the ground.

I hope my friends don’t figure out how I’m able to use the hack, because I bet they will try to scare me or prank me on Halloween or April Fool’s Day. They’re probably thinking of something that will really scare my pants off. I don’t scare as easily as them, so they’ll have to think of something really terrifying to get me. By the time they think of something, I will have probably come up with something 10 times as scary in just a few minutes.