NTRO employees sugar daddies for sex workers,girlfriends, get them government jobs as rewards

The indian government should officially start a sugar daddy website for their employees as the NTRO employees are openly sugar daddies, giving fake references to goan sex workers to get them R&AW jobs. The NTRO sugar daddies and their R&AW sugar babies are world famous among domain investors worldwide, and since the indian government refuses to take action against the sugar daddies and their sugar babies, it is time that the indian government officially opens the sugar daddy website , with a special provision for indian intelligence employees so that they can find good looking charming sugar babies from all over india.
If the NTRO, NIC does not open a sugar daddy website exclusively for indian government employees, some private citizen may open a website and make a lot of money as government employees in India are very wealthy and have plenty of black money , bribes extorted from indian citizens and can pamper their sugar babies. Special discount for indian security and intelligence employees who cannot be identified or held accountable.