The Environmentalist Loves New Futura

Posted on by fpl

As as environmentalist, I must say I love what the New Futura condo is doing with the designs of its new buildings. Living in a big city means not having enough public parks and nature spaces, and that is one of the things I hate about living here. It’s all concrete, cars, lots of people, and noise. Human beings weren’t meant to live in such a place without a respite. The building I currently live in was built some decades ago and resembles the concrete college dorms I lived in during my stint at a university and it’s really depressing.

New Futura, I found out from a friend, is attempting to make their new condos as environmentally friendly as possible. That means they’re installing a sky garden in the buildings on a top floor. It’s a place where you can go inside the building and enjoy a green environment. They’re also putting trees and other foliage on the ground floor and throughout the building as a way to make living there as comfortable as possible. I think it’s an incredible idea and one that has been neglected for far too long. Some buildings have them, but not nearly enough in my opinion.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to leave my depressing digs behind and snag a condo when the construction is finished. It’s not just the environmentally friendly atmosphere that will make this a great place to live. They’re also putting in pools, a tennis court, and other amenities that are sure to be a big hit with future residents. It’s almost like you can move in and rarely leave the building except for work and maybe to go shop or something. I really hope this new way of thinking catches on and in a big way. It will benefit all of us if our buildings incorporate more of nature inside of them.