Why some indian private citizens are falsely accused being R&AW employees

With the indian government claiming that Kulbhushan Jadhav is a private citizen, while Pakistan claims that he is a R&AW agent to sentence him to death, has again highlighted an important issue why some indian citizens are falsely accused of being associated with indian intelligence agencies/R&AW when there is no connection at all. The problem is faced mainly because senior NTRO, intelligence employees are shamelessly and recklessly misusing the names of harmless private citizens who they hate , to destroy their life, reputation and finances.
These cunning ntro, intelligence employees are aware of the fact that they are very powerful and also have many enemies like most powerful people. So if they wish to destroy the life of any person, they will cunningly and falsely claim that the person is a very good friend or is associated with them , though the person whose name is being misused is not connected to them in any way at all. They will pretend that the person whose name they are misusing is working in R&AW or indian intelligence agencies when there is no connection at all.
Foreign intelligence agencies especially Pakistan, China tend to believe in the claims of these powerful cunning ntro, intelligence agency employees and then target the private citizen, who actually has no powers and is not connected to the indian government in any way at all. The cunning ntro employees are falsely accusing domain investors of being animals to torture them, when actually the ntro employees are the real animals, falsely claiming that harmless private citizens are associated with indian intelligence agencies to destroy their life.