Instead of merit, relatives, friends determine the success of a person in India

The 6 year old impersonation fraud on India’s largest female domain investor clearly indicates that for the indian government the merit of an individual does not matter at all, only the friends and relatives of a person are important.
This could explain the mediocre performance of India at the Rio Olympics, that the indian government does not scientifically verify the merit of the individual looking at the evidence available, it blindly believes the complete lies of powerful officials in intelligence and security agencies.
As a result of the indian government’s regressive policy of ignoring scientific evidence, relying solely on gossip, hearsay and fake claims of its dishonest fraud officials , 8-10 lazy fraud mediocre women are getting a monthly salary from the indian government, with fake resume, fake investment,while the real domain investor who is being impersonated by these 8-10 fraud intelligence employees is not getting anything at all.

If the indian government wishes to blindly believe the claims of their employees, they should have fool proof systems in place so that no employee can abuse their powers and make fake claims, especially about the resume of their friends and relatives . Unfortunately the indian government in 2016 has extremely poor systems which allow almost all their employees to make complete fake claims and get away with it, while the victim of these fraud government employees finds it extremely difficult to get justice.

In the Olympics individual excellence matters, having powerful friends and relatives does not matter, and till the indian government continues with its policy of using the friends and relatives of a person as the main criteria to determine the merit of a person, there are not likely to be many world beaters from India.