6 years wasted due to incompetent, careless security, intelligence agencies

Posted on by fpl

While the indian intelligence and security agencies are not very competent at solving the many problems that India has, they are very good at defaming innocent people without any proof, creating an atmosphere of fear, destroying the reputation, finances, and health of any harmless indian citizen.
As these agencies do not send anything in writing or even verbally to the person they are targetting, their victim does not know what is happening, and the uncertainty, denial of information, can adversely affect the life, decision making process.
A person who has worked professionally would expect these agencies to have some proof, now it is increasingly obvious that indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely dishonest, incompetent, unprofessional, irrational and only specialize in slander of harmless citizens, if they are being paid to.
Because of one or more careless cbi, ntro,raw, security agency official, making fake allegations without proof, harassing a harmless woman, not only has the engineer lost a huge amount in terms of revenues, she has to develop her website network again from scratch wasting her time and effort to redo everything, register new domains, fight the endless slander of these shameless cowardly officials