Fake resumes, investment of government employees

How jealous classmates and other officials can destroy your life and leave you penniless for no fault of yours, if you do not fit in
Today, the education sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Parents throughout the country spend lakhs of rupees on study material, tution classes and other expenses, so that their children get admission to some of the “top” educational institutions in the country. Little do they know how jealous classmates from these colleges can ruin the life of their children at a later date. This website is based on feedback from multiple sources. We hope parents as well as children read this website and then take an informed decision on whether they want to study in a top college. The names of the top colleges have been puposely withheld to avoid further harassment.

Reason – official and unofficial

Trigger – what can start the harassment
Just because an employee, friend or relative fits into the culture of an organization or company, powerful officials try to steal the impressive resume of a single woman engineer for their dishonest mediocre friends and relatives. Hence it will be important to carry out a background check. and verify the information provided.
Business background check

Identity theft

Educational records