My Trees Will Be Professionally Pruned

I have lived in apartments from the time I was a baby until I married my husband. Granted, there were five different ones total, but my dream was always to live in a house. When I got married, my husband and I actually lived in my apartment for about a year, then we bought our own house. I am so glad we waited, because we were able to get exactly what we wanted that way. When I had to look up companies that do tree pruning in Long Island not long after we moved in, I was so excited because I never had trees before!

There were trees at the apartment complexes, but I never had to take care of them. Maintenance always did, so this was actually a huge deal for me. My husband let me handle it since I was so excited about it! I contacted a company to come out and take a look at the trees so I would know what all had to be done to protect them and nurture them. I was not about to lose any trees, especially with how pretty these ones made our property.

The workers from the tree service that came out was really professional and efficient. They inspected all seven trees, and I was so happy when they declared them all to be healthy. They did suggest that I have them trimmed back though and then pruned on a regular basis. They did look a bit wild, and I figured the former owner of the house had never had them professionally taken care of before. They trimmed all of them, and I have set up regular dates for them to be pruned every year. I know most people never get this excited over trees, but it is easy to when you have never had the pleasure of having them before!